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Building A Lasting Connection for Couples

Saturday & Sunday, Jan 21st & 22nd

The Lasting Connection System™ couples workshop for all partners who desire new relationship tools for moving into closeness and back to safe connection – one step at a time.

“There is nothing more rewarding in life than to love and to feel loved by the one we love.”

Workshop facilitator, Hamed Fatahian

Would you love to create long term success in your relationship? Based on the latest attachment and education research, the Lasting Connection™ Program is designed to provide couples with the essential components their relationships need to build a lasting love that will stay strong to weather the storms of life.

In this Lasting Connection™ workshop you and your partner will:

  • Learn how to manage your communication challenges in brand new ways.

  • Become better at reaching for each other without old patterns of feeling triggered or defensive

  • Leave the workshop with tools that successful couples in long-lasting happy relationships report they use daily

  • Identify the common patterns that leads to relationship distress, and know how to slow down, listen, and share in ways that truly work.

  • Understand more about the way our brains react to distress, anger, and communication breakdowns as knowledge is power

  • Leave with newfound tools for communicating about sexual and physical connections in safe and clear ways

Whether you are looking for relationship education, tools, experience, or information, you will find our workshop provides the interactive and experiential experience to provide you with personalized and enriched learning experiences.

After attending, you will get both results and tools you can take home with you to keep your relationship growing strong long after this two-day experience.


Interactive and experiential exercises unify the latest attachment research to provide you with a personalized, fun, and enriched learning experience while becoming better at listening and sharing.

We want to help you safeguard and secure your love. We believe love is meant to be strong enough to last so we can build our lives with each other with nonstop safety. For most of us, having relationships that grow with us and across time requires an investment in resources to learn how to keep  strong and growing the way we dream of when we first decided to build our lives together. 


Simply put, Building A Lasting Connection® is here to help you do your relationship better! 

Time: Saturday & Sunday, Jan 21st & 22nd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: North San Jose

Price: $630 per couple (NCCEFT Discount: $550 Couple, $290 Individual)

Limited to 10 couples

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