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Hold Me Tight is a couple’s therapy program based on 30 years of positive research results on relationship repair and hundreds of studies on love and adult bonding. Built on the bestselling book Hold Me Tight and the hugely successful Hold Me Tight® workshops attended by thousands of couples around the world, this program is easy and fun, and personally crafted with quizzes, reminders, cartoons, and clips of real couples as they fall in love again & again & again.

Building A Lasting Connection® facilitates the education couples need to be able to process emotion together through our Connection System™—this revolutionary experiential tool supports couples as they seek to build a structured, safe, transparent, and empathy-filled relationship. We use our five-level “Relationship Pyramid” as a guide for the workshop, with each element of the relationship building upon the next.

Previous Workshops

Building a Lasting Connection Facilitators Training (Online) (Aug & Sep 2021)

Building a Lasting Connection (Online) For Iranians (April 2021)

Hold Me Tight (Raha Foundation) Jan 2020

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