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One of the most relevant questions that I have encountered so far is why mental health challenges and problems have increased in recent decades, while in the past, mental health services and knowledge in this area have been more limited.

Personally, I believe that one of the most important roots of mental health problems goes back to the challenge of loneliness. Individualistic lifestyles in advanced societies, although leading to greater economic progress and higher comfort in people's lives, have left people lonelier and more isolated, and this challenge has reduced the quality of mental health.

On the other hand, some speakers by encouraging people to focus on their internal factors and motivators, have made people think that they can reduce the challenges which rooted in their social loneliness by increasing false internal motivators; while social human beings sometimes need external parameters and exit from loneliness to strengthen internal motivators.

The attached video well explains the feeling of loneliness and the conflicts that need to be overcome and the challenges of connection and helps us to look more realistically at one of humanity's greatest challenges today.

Hamed Fatahian, May 27th 2021

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